An Online Course with Thanissara

Dharma in Times of Heartbreak

1-27 October, 2019

Welcome to our brand new course with senior teacher, author, and social and environmental activist Thanissara Mary Weinberg. With over four hours of recorded teachings and four hours of live, interactive, student-teacher contact, this is a unique opportunity to engage with one of the key leaders of the Buddhist response to climate change.

Join us as we engage in teachings, dialogues, practices, and insightful exercises around the urgency and action needed to respond to our shared global climate emergency.  

As the rapid breakdown of climate and biodiversity deepens, so does our heartbreak.  

It’s an immense thing to try and grasp that the great cauldron of life, bubbling for billions of years, is being poured, wantonly, into the dust.  

How has it come to this? Where the odds of success feel so low, and the power of annihilation enormous. 

Yet, there is another power shining through. 

It was there at Standing Rock and is on the streets today as children, students, rebels, parents, and grandparents, inspired by the rising power of our collective heart, storm the castle walls.

As the structures of our dying world unpeel, the systemic conditioning underlying our planetary breakdown, fueled by greed hatred and delusion, stand out in sharp relief revealing the urgent need to reconnect to heart, humanity, nature and the sacred in all.  

We need to know ourselves, not only as individuals, but as co-creators within a deeply ensouled web of life where all is conscious.  

As our global emergency is a spiritual crisis, the solution begins within. So, if we move into collective spaces of ‘being’, ‘presence’, and ‘listening,’ then together, we will find bridges from where we’ve been, to where we must go.  


Suffering as Catalyst

As each piece of news of eco-destruction lands, it causes intense shock, grief, and outrage. We are at a tipping point, a planetary crossing over of thresholds that should not be passed. 

We have stumbled from the hope of sustainability to the deeply painful reality of rapid environmental dismemberment. It’s truly challenging to hold such a searing process in our awareness. 

Yet, as the Buddha taught, facing the reality of our situation is vital for:

  • understanding its causes
  • discovering the remedies needed
  • and seeing a path of action  

Only then can we begin to feel empowered, to free up our energies and break the cycle of ignorance and destruction.

Suffering then becomes a catalyst to waking up.  

So let’s meet where we are, and begin this journey of rescuing our home together.  


The Walls of the Mind

In this module we will examine our defenses, and the ways we conform to both internal patterning and systemic conditionings that are diminishing.

We can then begin to free ourselves from the controlling mechanisms of oppression, false divisions, and consumerism. 

We'll see how rather than trying to survive as individuals, there’s the possibility of experiencing ourselves as participatory beings within the great the web of life. 

Such a perspective is incredibly empowering. It enables us to dissolve false narratives, generate great courage, and align us with the deeper intelligence of life.  

The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it. Sri Nisargadatta


The Journey from Mind to Heart

In this module we will explore how, even at this great tipping point, we can discover the deep awakening that reconnects us to the heart, to each other, to the spirit of nature, and to the sacred. 

We will uncover our capacity to know ourselves as co-creators within an ensouled web of life. 

We will learn to listen to the message of the heart in its role as a conduit for intuitive wisdom. To hear the wise intelligence of consciousness itself with its insights and guidance ever emerging from the fathomless well of compassion.


A Mindful Path

Because our planetary emergency is a spiritual crisis, we are both the crisis and the solution. 

In this module we will see how the practice of mindfulness, as it opens into deep listening, the power of presence, and quantum intelligence, can bring what's truly needed: clarity, guidance, and resolve. 

We don’t know what our future looks like, but we know the mindful heart is trustworthy. And it is from here that we will know our next step and our pathways forward. 

Course Details

Four Recorded Video Teachings

Filmed in high definition with teachings and inquiries to help you apply the practices to your daily life. Released each Tuesday during the course, these teachings can be watched at your own pace throughout the week. Each recorded teaching is between 45-60 minutes.  

Guided Meditation  

Thanissara offers a guided meditation practice that can be used as a support for the unfolding contemplations of the course.

Four Live Sessions of 60 Minutes  

This is your chance to connect with Thanissara, ask questions, clarify your understanding and share what’s coming up for you in the course. Ask your questions on screen using your webcam, or via text. The power of being included and heard can offer great benefit in your process.

Live Session Dates

All sessions are 60 minutes long, and start at 9am PT (Los Angeles), 12pm ET (NY), 5pm UK (London), 6pm CET (Paris)

Interactive 1: Sunday 6 October Interactive 2: Sunday 13 October Interactive 3: Sunday 20 October Interactive 4: Sunday 27 October 

All live sessions will be recorded and made available for those who are not able to attend the live times.  

Online Forum  

Join in a virtual online sangha where you can come together with other likeminded souls, learning with, inspiring, and supporting each other.  

About Thanissara

Thanissara, from London, has a long practice history in both Theravada and Mahayana schools of Buddhism as both a monastic in the Forest School of Ajahn Chah and through the transmission of the Kuan Yin Dharmas of Master Hsuan Hua. 

She is co-founder, with Kittisaro, of Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat in South Africa and Sacred Mountain Sangha Non Profit in the U.S. and internationally. Together they facilitate the two-year Dharmapala Training. 

Thanissara has an MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Practice and is an author of several books, her recent being Time to Stand Up, An Engaged Buddhist Manifesto for Our Earth.


Price: $190