Wide Open and Free 
Exploring the Breadth
and Depth of Liberation

a 6 week Online Course
with Martin Aylward

April 30 – June 9, 2019

Life is profound, mysterious, wide open and free. While meditative practices are designed to point us into this infinite depth, we often get bogged down along the way, caught in our psychological history, our emotional drama and our habitual knots of self-referentiality.

This brand new course with Martin Aylward points beyond the confines of habitual experience to the heart of transformational practice. Looking beyond our conditioned views we free ourselves of long established beliefs and patterns, opening into an ever deepening and freeing understanding of reality. Through the weeks, Martin’s teachings, reflections, practices and dialog exercises will show you how to contemplate some of the classical concerns of spiritual life. Without relying on any beliefs about the way life is, Buddhist or otherwise, you will instead learn how to look at the nature of time and space, self and world, life and death by looking deeply into your own experience.

This course is open to anyone. It will be especially useful for those more interested in questions than answers, and who want to harness their meditation practice to look as deeply as possible into this extraordinary adventure of being alive and human.

Module 1 – Entering the Stream:
Establishing Ever Present Awareness

Martin takes us into the essence of meditation practice – establishing awareness, and recognising that most fundamentally, being aware is not something we do, but is rather that the very nature of Mind is to be awake and aware.

Module 2 – Beyond Right and Wrong

This module explores our conditioned views, and the cultural, familial and personal influences that created and reinforced them. Martin looks beyond convention to a more inclusive and whole view, providing an ongoing commentary on Rumi’s famous invitation to meet us out in that open field beyond ideas of right and wrong.

Module 3 – Freedom Goes in All Directions

Freedom and Awakening are the central concerns of transformational practice, but we easily inherit and develop all kinds of unhelpful and inaccurate ideas about true freeness of being. This module deconstructs these views, pointing us towards a living, vibrant freeness of being.

Module 4 – Duality and Non-duality

’Normal’, everyday mind is caught in the dualistic thinking of here and there, inner and outer, me and you. Some spiritual teachings on the the other hand, get caught in ideas of non-duality, denying difference and insisting that all is one. The module explores the wisdom of the middle way, avoiding getting caught in one or the other, able to abide anywhere by taking a position nowhere.

Module 5 – No space, no time, no self, no problem

We conceive of ourselves as a self, with problems, living in space and moving through time. These are the primary reference points for experience, yet they keep us bound to a very limited view of reality. Martin leads us through and beyond such ideas, pointing to a great ease and intimacy with all that is.

Module 6 – Loving Life

This module looks at the heart’s relationship to life. If ‘mind creates the abyss, and the heart crosses it’, we here explore that crossing, and the way that love heals our souls, dissolves our defences and opens the door to a liberated life.

Course Details

Six Recorded teachings

Filmed in high definition with teachings and experiential exercises.  Released each Tuesday during the course and can be watched at your own pace throughout the week. Each recorded teaching is between 20-40 minutes.

Three Live Sessions of 60 minutes

This is your chance to connect with Martin live, ask questions, clarify your understanding and share what’s coming up for you in the course. Ask your questions on screen using your webcam, or via text. The power of being included and heard can offer great benefit in your process.

Interactive 1: Sunday 12 May – 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm UK, 6pm EU
Interactive 2: Sunday 26 May – 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm UK, 6pm EU
Interactive 3: Sunday 9 June – 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm UK, 6pm EU

Online Forum

Join in a virtual online sangha where you can come together with other like minded souls, learning with and supporting each other.

About Martin

Martin Aylward is the founding teacher of Realize. He spent his early adult years in Asian monasteries and with Himalayan hermits, before founding the Moulin de Chaves retreat centre in Southern France where he has lived and taught for 20 years.

Martin teaches meditation, guides students and leads retreats internationally, emphasising the integration of the deepest wisdom teachings into the midst of the lives we live. He is also a director of the MindfulnessTrainingInstitute.com