Sex, Intimacy
and Communication

An Online Course
with JoAnna Harper

Self Paced Course
Launches: 10th October

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In this unique series we will explore what the Buddha taught as principles for lay practitioners regarding relationship and sexuality. We will also leap forward 2600 years to an ever-growing population of non-monastic practitioners living life in the world of sensuality, desire and relationship. Very little is found about this in Buddhism. This course will be a beautiful opportunity to discover your own relationship to these topics and how to live life fully while causing less suffering to ourselves and others.

This course will cover:

  • the third precept of not causing harm with our sexuality
  • renunciation through celibacy (a conversation not a requirement)
  • how our own mindfulness practice can open us to greater intimacy with ourselves and others
  • deepening communication skills through wise speech and intentional listening.

The format will include meditation practices, dharma talks and exercises for you to do throughout the course.

JoAnna’s 4 Module Course Includes

Four 60 minute teachings, including weekly exercises for you to do at home

Filmed in high definition with only you in mind, having an intimate and personal feel that will keep you engaged as your body, mind and heart tune in.

Each module includes a teaching from JoAnna, a guided meditation, and suggested exercises for exploring in between each session.

Module 1: The Buddha’s Historical Teaching on Relationship

Module 2: A Modern Day Approach to the 3rd precept

Module 3: Intimacy

Module 4: Communication

About JoAnna

JoAnna Harper has been exploring and practicing multiple traditions since 1999. In 2005, her focus landed on Buddhism and Vipassana meditation, which is the premise for most of her current teaching. She teaches; adult and teen weeklong silent retreats, day longs and weekly classes, and works with at risk youth and non at risk youth in institutional and school settings. Helping communities and individuals that don’t typically have access to the traditional dharma settings and building multicultural community is top on her list of priorities. She is an empowered teacher in the Spirit Rock, IMS lineage and the Guiding Teacher at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society.