System requirements

1. Browsers and devices – live sessions: To access the live sessions you will need to be using a recent version of either Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on a computer, or Chrome on an Android device. Safari is compatible for viewing live sessions but lacks some of the interactive capabilities of the other browsers.

For iPhone and iPad users, please download the Crowdcast app from the app store which will allow you to view the live sessions.

2. Browsers and devices – recorded sessions: Any modern browser or mobile device may be used for viewing the recordings of the interactive sessions, and all pre-recorded modules.

3. Bandwidth: A minimum of 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload is recommended for a stable and consistent stream of video and audio during the live sessions. However, the platform will automatically switch to audio-only mode if your connection is weak. Plugging in directly to your internet (for example, using an ethernet cable) rather than connecting over wifi may also improve the quality of the stream.

Click here to test your bandwidth speed.

4. If you would like to ask questions using your webcam during the Q&A section of each class, please ensure that you are using headphones. If an echo or feedback occurs, plugging in headphones will relieve the issue.

5. Make sure that all other programs that might use a camera are closed. This is because one camera has to be dedicated to one program at a time.

6. Close all applications except for the browser you are using to minimize strain on your computer’s resources.

If you require further assistance, please contact us at