RealizeMedia.org exists to bring transformative practices and teachings to as many people as possible. We connect the best technology available with world-renowned teachers to deliver wisdom teachings to wherever you are.

Internet bandwidth, interactive technology and familiarity with online interaction have all accelerated in recent years. It has now become possible to offer live, interactive web-based contact with teachers in a way that is a very good second best to actually being in the room together, and RealizeMedia is proud to be at the forefront of this development.


Realize does not simply film live events or teachings and stream them to an online audience. We work with teachers to craft teachings especially for people following the teachings at home. The teachers we partner with are giving their teachings direct to camera, looking directly at you. This creates a powerful sense of intimacy with the teacher, and transmission of their teachings. In addition, each course includes live, interactive sessions with the teacher where you can bring your questions and comments, interacting via a video link in real time.

All our courses run in your web browser, with no need for special plug-ins, no software to download, and no conference call to dial in to. We have built the platform to be as seamless and straightforward as possible, so you can give your full attention to the teachings and not be distracted by the technology.


RealizeMedia.org was formed in 2014 and launched in early 2015, built over a year of discussing, envisioning and experimenting between the 3 founding directors.

Amy JacobAmy Jacob
Technical Director
Amy has been involved in online conference and video production for 17 years. She has also been a dharma practitioner for nearly as long, with a dedicated practice in both Tibetan Buddhism and the Diamond Approach. It’s a privilege for her to bring the worlds of technology and spirituality together with the launch of the Realize platform.

gcollinsGiles Colllins
Marketing Director

Responsible for raising awareness of Realize Media through the many different avenues available from Social Media to Laminating Flyers! Along with marketing, Giles also works with teachers contemplating an online course and how our technology can support them. Committed to dharma practice and the use of technology to make great teachers easily available and the experience interactive and engaging.

ma-180Martin Aylward
Spiritual director

Martin has been involved in Buddhist meditation for 25 years, and has been teaching meditation retreats and guiding students worldwide for the last 15 years. He is founding teacher of the residential meditation centre MoulindeChaves.org where he lives, and co-director of TheMindfulnessInstitute.com
Martin began teaching his popular monthlong online course WorkSexMoneyDharma in 2012, and was inspired by how powerful it was for students, inspiring him to seek out other ways to bring practice and teachings into an online environment.